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What is Sorted?

With Sorted we have set out to find the fastest modified car in America. As car enthusiasts ourselves we understand the lifestyle of modifying cars to make them perform and look better than when we buy them. Only issue is when you start increasing the capabilities of the car, other parts generally aren’t designed to support the additional performance from the factory. That is simply the lifecycle of building and modifying sports cars. It becomes all consuming of both time and money. We willingly enter that life and wear our fire suits as a badge of honor! A truly sorted car is a modified car that can both perform to a much higher standard than its stock counterpart and is just as reliable. Through a series of performance tests we are going to put owner submitted cars to the test to see if they are sorted or not. In the quest for the bragging rights there will be one winner and lots of losers, and we can’t wait to watch!

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