The Cars of Season 1

Cars from all over the country applied to become the Sorted Champion. We grouped the cars into East Coast and West Coast with the winners of each coast battling it out to be crowned the champion of modified cars.

Were These Cars Sorted or Not?

West Coast

East Coast

Ford GT500

The West Coast Baseline Car

5.2 L V8 with a seven speed dual clutch making 760HP stock

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2019 Chewy Corvette ZR1

The East Coast Baseline Car

6.2L V8 making 755 HP out of the factory- Stock ZR1

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2000 Impreza RSTI

Justin North @jnorth8500

Owner of Off the Line Performance, full STI swap making 720whp to all 4 wheels with full trac spec suspension.

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2017 Dodge Viper ACR

Zachary Friedman @notplumcrazy

Calvo Motorsports Twin 76mm turbos tuned by Collin Murphy, making 2000 Hp!

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2011 Nissan GTR

Grant Seltrich @dotcomgrant

Full bolt on motor running on E85 making 750whp with AMS Performance catless downpipes and Titek full titanium exhaust.

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2003 Lexus IS300

Henry Pitzer @henry_jzx

1JZGTE – VVTI Swap making 450 whp on 93 Octane built by a 20 year old in his garage with his friends. This car can handle the track and be daily driven- he drove it from Buffalo, NY and back!

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1995 Toyota Supra

John Klarich @topnotch_jz

This single turbo motor running on E85 makes just under 900 HP.

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1995 Toyota Supra

Moe Khan @petrolwerks

1 of 1 silver hardtop Supra’s making 1200HP to the wheels. Custom single turbo kit and fully built motor.

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Subaru WRX

David Wobber @stormtrooperwrx

Hawkeye WRX on air suspension with Stage 3 motor making around 600 HP on 32lbs of boost.

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2017 Porsche 911 Turbo S

Nathan Cicio @thelifeofcicio

C900 package, turbo system with Xona turbos, Custom built turbo kit by Cicio Performance and a stock engine and transmission making 950 WHP.

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1998 Corvette C5

Joel Feingold @

Original owner, stroked LS3 motor with a Paxton supercharger making 880whp.

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2017 Audi RS3

Rathana Moua @ratified_motorspot

RPC1000 turbo Tial Xona 9569’s, Euro code drop in piston kit with a DCT upgrade making 924 HP.

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Audi R8

Akash Chhabra @akashchhabra31

V10 Twin turbo kit built by Alex Soto @sheepeyrace with a stand alone Motec ECU, upgraded clutches, making 1300HP.

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2001 Honda S2K

Cody Jenkins @jenkins_imagery

J’s racing engine stroked still turning 9200, 45 PSI making 700HP with an extensive aero package and carbon kevlar throughout.

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2017 Mustang GT350R

Wes Walz @weswalz

3.0 liter whipple supercharger sitting on top of a fully built motor and trans making 1100 HP.

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2003 BMW 135i

Chris Meyers @blackdogautosport

Vargas hybrid turbos, dual mishimoto oil coolers, active autowerke catless downpipes, making horsepower in the high 500’s, VRSF race 7.5 intercooler.

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2017 Ford Mustang GT

Brian Lee @bryanrree

Stage 2 Intercooled P-1SC procharger system, Stainless Works Long tube headers, Roush Axleback, 1320 Junkie Ported 18’ Intake Manifold.

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